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Receive calls 9:00 до 17:30

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Contract manufacturing at the facilities of Corson.

We provide full compliance with the technological cycle and quality control of finished products according to a customer requirements.
Our company offers two types of contractual services: the fulfillment of certain manufacturing operations and the implementation of a full cycle.

This may be as a separate charge and complete solution in the form of a power supply unit, a data acquisition module, the router, the display unit or finished computing platform.

We offer contract manufacturing following equipment:

- Switches
- Routers
- Power Solutions
- IO Modules
- Fanless industrial PC
- Industrial Panel PCs and monitors
- Transmitters for field devices (sensors)
- IOCs
- Single Board Computers
- Interface converters

If you need to make a batch of equipment - please contact us at production@corson.ruultricies