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ARS-2510T3 - New Advantech Fanless PC for Railway Applications

ARS-2510T3 - New Advantech Fanless PC for Railway Applications
Advantech, the leading provider of integrated computing solutions, announces a new fanless computer ARS-2510T3. Computer ARS-2510T3 is designed specifically for railway applications and complies with EN50155, to fully equip sootvetstvovatk requirements for equipment on rolling stock and other railway applications.

It has three main performance that involve a scalable configuration, versatility, and performance. Onboard computer may serve as a device or controller of the train and can be used for several different purposes, such as:
Flight Recorder: a powerful processor and a large storage mode of RAID. Retrieves information from the cameras over IP, data is then stored and can be accessed by the driver
Multi Media Server: disseminates information on the train for wireless communication
Block tracking trains: PC transmits information by radio and 3G; It gives information on the location of the train and other information using the GPS to the control center - and when the vehicle is in operation and when parked
Control unit: high availability for wireless communication (GPS, 3G, or 4G, Wi-Fi, GSM-R) with data acquisition and control I / O.
One of the key strengths ARS-2510T3 Box PC is a combination of Intel Core i7 (processor platform 3rd Generation) and the level of the working temperature T3 (certification specifications rail in the range of T1, T2, T3 to TX). T3 describes a temperature range from minus 25 ° C to 70 ° C or 85 ° C for 10 minutes.
Another feature that is worth noting - specific railway power supply. The computer is compatible with the input voltage supply of EN50155: 24V / 48V / 72V / 110V, connector type M12. The computer has only round and screwed plugs that ensures easy integration - compounds that are reliable and stable.
Additionally, the computer has a protective coating that provides IP50 +. The inner liner layer prevents dust and moisture, and also ensures that a high level of protection to persist for a long time.
Use of rail transport and remote management.
Thanks ready to install and the availability of a variety of built-in features, such as dual display, the computer ARS-2510T3 can be used for several types of railway applications.

Two multi-function expansion slot providing SATA, USB and PCIe signals also allow you to create flexible and scalable configuration. In addition, three internal slots MiniPCIe configurations offer options for communication with WiFi, LTE / 3G, GPS and GSM-R.

Great value adds remote control that is provided by Intel AMT / VPRO, listed in the processor core i7 processor and system Advantech iManager. Together, they help to optimize the management of networked computing assets.

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