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We have noticed that many users apply the ADAM Data Acquisition modules in small base projects. Because the cost ran higher than system hardware, Human Machine Interface software was not suitable for these projects. ADAMView, the ADAM Data Acquisition software, is especially designed for low-volume ADAM projects. It provides a 150 physical points database, ADAM Drivers, for all monitoring and control functions. In brief, ADAMView is a cost-effective and simple SCADA software for the ADAM I/O series.

DAQNavi is a completed software package, for programmers to develop their application programs using Advantech DAQ boards or devices. This integrated software package includes drivers, SDK, tutorial and utility. With the user-friendly design, even the beginner can quickly get familiar with how to utilize DAQ hardware and write programs through the intuitive "Advantech Navigator" utility environment. Many example codes for different development environment dramatically decrease users’ programming time and effort. You can go to for more information about Advantech DAQNavi. <p></p>

"DiagAnywhere", an abbreviation of "Diagnose Anywhere", is remote maintenance software for remotely monitoring and controlling Advantech TPC, APAX, UNO and ADAM devices with Windows-based operating systems. Currently, DiagAnywhere includes the utility on the client side and the server on the target devices. The supported platforms include Windows XP, XP Embedded, Windows 7, Windows 2009, CE 5.0 and CE 6.0. This useful software can help users to achieve major remote maintenance tasks including remote monitoring and control, remote screen snapshot and recording, file upload and download. Windows-based authentication is also supported for security concerns.

The LogixView is the latest software package for developing the graphic user interface for monitoring and controlling Advantech eAutomation products on WindowsCE based devices. This package is based on Microsoft .NET technology, and used in Visual Studio 2005 environment. The previous solution for Advantech .NET solution is the Adam.NET class library, and it supplies several class libraries for accessing ADAM series product. For those who want to use the Adam.NET class library still have to write more code to make their programs run. The LogixView is based on the Adam.NET technology, and offers more components for data acquisition. Users can simply drag and drop the components into Visual Studio .NET project and change the properties of the components to make their programs run as demands. In other word, users who use the LogixView no longer need to write code line by line for the data acquisition, but concentrate on program logic and event handling. In next few sections, this document is going to introduce installation process, the LogixView DAQ (Data Acquisition) components, the graphic controls, the working theory of the components and controls, and examples for applying LogixView package for building your programs in details.