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Платформы RISC

TI AM3352 Cortex A8 1GHz RTX 2.0 Module

Industrial Design, I/O intensive COM ROM-1210 Computer-on-Module (COM) integrates ARM Cortex-A8 1 GHz Freescale i.MX53 series ultra-low power SoC and I/O solution chips to be Windows

ARM Cortex A9 Dual 1 GHz Freescale i.MX6 series ultra-low power SoC and I/O solution chips to be Linux solution-ready! Supports 2D, 3D graphics acceleration, full HD 1080P video decoding&encoding hardware engine.

Freescale i.MX6 Cortex-A9 SoC.Supports 2D/3D graphics accelerators, full HD 1080p encode/decode hardware engine and two independent display ouputs. Supports security protection.

Freescale ARM Cortex-A9 Dual/SOLO 1 GHz i.MX6, ultra low power SoC inside. The I/O solution chips. Supports 2D, 3D graphics acceleration, full HD 1080P video decoding/encoding hardware engine.

Pico-ITX 2.5" single board computer powered by ARM technology. Cortex-A9 Freescale i.MX6 SoC, 1 GB on-board DDR3 and 4GB flash memory, Low power consumption. Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS and Giga Ethernet.

Freescale ARM Cortex-A8 i.MX53 SBC

TI Sitara AM3352 cortex A8 3.5" Single board

RSB-4410 is an Advantech RISC 3.5" SBC powered by Freescale ARM encoding/decoding, and also support Gigabit Ethernet for networking. RSB- BSP V3.0.35 for customer building up their own application software.

TI Sitara AM3352 Cortex-A8. 2x gigabit ethernets, 6x serials, 4x GPI and 4x GPO. Rugged ESD, isolation protection. Multiple power input, operation temperature support.

Freescale i.MX6 Dual Cortex-A9 1.0 GHz. On-board DDR3 1 GB & 4 GB Flash. Supports full HD 1080P H/W video codec engine. Low power, fanless design

Freescale ARM Cortex-A9 i.MX6 RISC Compact Box Computer

Freescale i.MX6 RISC Compact Box

Intel Quark x1000 2.5" Box Computing

Freescale ARM Cortex-A9 i.MX6 Dual Lite. Gigabit Ethernet for networking. VESA 75/100 mount. Support HDMI with full HD 1080P high resolution. Low power consumption with 3 watts in maximum load

Supports RTX2.0 CPU Module Board. Supports wide range operating temperature, 3 power input interfaces, 2 MIPI connectors for a camera module. 2 PCIe slots.

Supports SGeT SMARC CPU Module Board. I/O interface. Supports wide range operation temperature, 4 power input interfaces. 2 MIPI interfaces for camera module

Development board for RISC Qseven Module

Development kit for SMARC CPU Module ROM-3420