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The AWS-8129H is a PC-based industrial workstation with an industrial grade 12.1" color TFT LED Backlight LCD display. The AWS-8129H is specifically designed for use within factories and other harsh industrial environments. This 19" frame can be rack or panel mounted. The AWS-8129H provides 3 ISA, 4 PCI, 2 PICMG slots, which offers great flexibility for application specific requirements.

The AWS-8248V is a 14-slot, 15" TFT LCD workstation. It improves on earlier models by offering more expansion capability, a larger LCD screen, and increased usability, all at an even more competitive price. The AWS-8248V also provides an additional major feature for users: easy maintenance. Using three card-cages and thumbscrew fasteners, the AWS-8248V makes maintenance quick and easy. The AWS-8248V combines multiple slots and 15" LCD in a more cost effective and easier to maintain design.

AWS-8259 is an industrial workstation with 9-slot expansion capability. Featuring a 15&quot; detachable display module, the AWS-8259 has a rugged yet flexible design for factory floor applications. Its 15&quot; high-brightness 1024 x 768 LCD fulfills the needs for large information viewing. In addition, the display module can be easily separated for maintenance.<br /> With waterproof character keypads &amp; touchpad features, an additional keyboard or mouse is not needed for operation. The standard 8U size can easily be installed in either racks or mounted in panels.