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PCM-3641 PCM-3641



The PCM-3641 is a PC/104-compatible module with four individually configurable RS-232 ports. It works with PC/104 CPU modules to extend additional RS-232 ports. The PCM-3641 also features lots of functions such as high transmission speed 460 kbps; independent/shared IRQ and more. It also provides high-performance 16C554 UART communication chip with 16-byte FIFO to reduce CPU load. This makes the PCM-3641 especially suitable for multitasking environments.

  • Transmission speeds up to 460 kbps (PCM-3641)
  • Shared IRQ settings for each of 4 RS-232 ports (PCM-3641)
  • Standard PC ports: COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4 compatible
  • Supports Windows 98/2000/XP
  • Supports WinCE 3.0, 4.2
  • Powerful and easy-to-use utility (ICOM Tools)