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ARK-9880 ARK-9880 ARK-9880 ARK-9880 ARK-9880



<p>The ARK-9880 Embedded Box Computer series is a robust and powerful computer powered by Intel Hyper-Threading technology processors and chipsets: embedded IntelR Pentium4 or Celeron D, up to 3.4 GHz. The ARK-9880 supports high performance DDR SDRAM up to 4 GB. The series supplies three PCI slots and three ISA slots for expansion. The series is ideally suited for building diversified, embedded system applications that require the highest processor performance and scalable expansion: machine automation, industrial plant operation, and cabinet integration.</p><p><strong>Freedom to Maximize industrial Application's value</strong><li>The ARK-9880 Embedded Box Computer supports three PCI vacancy slots and three ISA slots for flexible expansion capability<br><strong>Compact, Extremely Robust Construction</strong></li><li>Robust, heavy duty metal casting construction using a modularized design to offer maximum space efficiency<li>Rubber anti-vibration card-holder for PC expansion boards and anti-vibration HDD to ensure maximum reliability<li>A special cushioned design that absorbs vibration of HDD to ensure maximum realibility<br><strong>Highly Optimized Integration</strong><li>Simple and modularized service-friendly design<li>Quick installation, easy expansion and maintenance<li>Systems are supplied to &quot;Ready-to-Run&quot;<li>Long life cycle support for product continuity to secure investment


  • 8-slot compact desktop/wallmount industrial computer chassis
  • Shock-resistant drive bay design with rubber cushions
  • Shock-resistant disk drive bracket to hold 1x internal slim-type drive and 2x internal 3.5" drives
  • LED indicators for power status and HDD activity
  • Equipped with 1U-high 300 W ATX/PFC power supply
  • Easy-to-open front-cover, no screwdriver required
  • Easy-to-replace air filter