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PCE-7B13D-04A1E PCE-7B13D-04A1E



Complying with System Host Board (SHB Express; also called PICMG 1.3) standards, these SHBs feature the latest PCI Express technology, offering scalable I/O bandwidth of more than 10 GB/s. They maintain compatibility with PCIe, PCI-X, PCI and ISA, and allow customers to leverage commercial I/O cards. Advantech's SHBs empower system designers to create a new generation of servers, workstations and industrial platforms.

  • 13-slot BP for 14-slot chassis
  • Segments: 2
  • Each segment:
  • --One CPU card slot
  • --PCIe slot: One or Two x8
  • --PCI-X slot: N/A
  • --PCI slot: Four 32/33
  • --Compatible with IPC chassis: ACP-4010