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PCI-1714UL PCI-1714UL PCI-1714UL



PCI-1714U/PCI-1714UL and PCIE-1744 are advanced high-performance data acquisition cards based on the PCI/PCIe bus. With a large FIFO of 32,768 for each channel, the maximum sampling rate of PCI-1714U/PCIE-1744 can get up to 30 MS/s, on each channel, with an emphasis on continuous, non-stop, high-speed, streaming data of samples to host memory. The low-cost PCI-1714UL offers 10 MS/s on each channel at a stable rate, and has also been equipped with a universal PCI interface.


  • 4 single-ended analog input channels
  • 12-bit A/D converter, with up to 30 MHz sampling rate
  • Programmable gain
  • Onboard FIFO memory 8,192 samples, each channel
  • 4 A/D converters simultaneously sampling
  • Multiple A/D triggering modes
  • Programmable pacer/counter
  • BoardID™ switch
  • Universal PCI Bus (support 3.3 V or 5 V PCI bus signal)