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AR-B1622 AR-B1622 AR-B1622 AR-B1622


AMD LX 800+CS5536. Memory support DDR 200MHz up to 1GB. VGA/TTL. 2 x COM, 4 x USB2.0. 24-bit LVDS, Realtek RTL8100BL LAN controller.


  • AMD LX 800+CS5536
  • Fanless Design
  • Memory support DDR 200MHz up to 1GB
  • 2 x COM, 4 x USB2.0
  • The AR-B1622 single board computer has low-power GX3 series processors with a CS5536 chipset, and is designed for systems manufacturers, integrators, or VARs who need good performance, reliability, and quality at a reasonable price. AR-B1622 has 24-bit LVDS and a VGA chip which provides True Color (32 bit) 1024x768 resolution or High Color (16 bit) 1280x1024 resolution and a choice of 2M, 4M, or 8M shared memory. AR-B1622 is loaded with special on-board features that rival full-size systems. It has one Realtek RTL8100BL LAN controller, which is a fully integrated 10/100BASE-TX solution with high-performance networking functions. The AR-B1622 supports a CompactFlash Type I interface, as well as optional support for AC97 sound with CD-input. It also includes one 200-pin SO-DIMM DDR socket that can support up to 512 MB of memory. The AR-B1622 has two on-board COM ports, four USB ports, and is designed with tough, industrial grade materials. All these features make AR-B1622 a very ""systems integrator friendly"" solution and perfect for handling applications in the harshest unmanned environments.