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UNOP-1514C UNOP-1514C


UNOP-1514C UNOP-1514C

The UNOP-1514C is an expansion card for the UNO-4673A which has 3 expansion slots, the UNOP-1514C can be plugged into any of the 3 slots in the UNO-4673A. Follow these steps to integrate into the UNO-4673A:<BR>Select one of the slots: unscrew the two screws on the blanking panel of the slot then remove the blanking plate. Plug the UNOP-1514C into the selected slot of the UNO-4673 carefully and fix it by the two screws on the panel.

  • 4-port fiber optic LAN with SC type multi-mode fiber optic connector
  • IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 compliant for substation automation applications