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Advantech Embedded Linux

Advantech Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux is a famous, UNIX compatible, open source embedded operating system which ports the Linux kernel to a specific CPU and board installed into the embedded device. Advantech offers Embedded Linux installation CD for x86-based UNO products and supports Fedora Core 3 and RedHat 9.0 kernels. In the Embedded Linux, it features X Windows, browsing (Dillo), PDF viewer (XPDF), FTP (GFTP), IPv6 and software management (RedHat Package Manager) in a 50 MB image size.<br><b>Advantech Linux 2.4 currently supports the following products:</b><br>UNO-1150, UNO-1150G, UNO-1170, UNO-2050E, UNO-2052E, UNO-2053E, UNO-2059E, UNO-2170, UNO-2171, UNO-2172, UNO-2176, UNO-2182, UNO-2679, UNO-3072, UNO-3072L, UNO-3074, UNO-4672,UNO-4678, TPC-1261H, TPC-662G, TPC-1070, TPC-1270H, TPC-1570, TPC-1770


  • Uses most popular kernel of Fedora Core 3 & Red Hat 9.0
  • Compact OS size (about 50 MB)
  • Supports Read-only to increase stability and avoid system crashes
  • Supports RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) to manage your system
  • Supports IPv6 network protocol
  • Provides rich programs (such as web browser, PDF viewer, more)
  • Friendly installation to guide you step by step